In this dog treat system redesign, consumers have the option to reuse each part of the packaging and also refill the jar if they desire. The dog treats come in a 6-inch-tall, 4-inch diameter glass jar made with soda-lime glass so that if the consumer did not want to reuse the jar, it could easily be recycled and made into something else down the line. The lid of the jar itself would be a squeak toy for the consumer’s dog to play with. The squeak toy is made out of a thermoplastic elastomer material such as polypropylene so that it is comfortable for a dog’s teeth and holds a seal for the dog treats. The label is made out of paper and could also be recycled. This new system ensures that each piece of the packaging has a purpose. This packaging is more sustainable than the previous treat system and eliminates the waste of the non-recycleable material, polyactide.

When doing an eco-audit of this new product, it became clear that the previous packaging was 86% less sustainable than the redesigned packaging. The results showed a favorable outcome for the new system of dog treats, making it more sustainable overall to purchase than the old system of buying dog treats.

GD USA 2018 Package Design Awards Winner