Approximately one in every three people have some form of insomnia, which is not a singular problem; it is the result of another mental or physical impairment. No matter what causes insomnia, behavioral conditions—including psychophysiological insomnia and poor sleep hygiene—are often the main perpetuating problems. Poor sleep hygiene can result from a variety of problems, including irregular sleep schedules, excessive daytime napping, overuse of alcohol and caffeine, poor sleep environments, or anxiety at bedtime.

Luna gives parents the necessary resources to raise a generation able to combat insomnia in a world full of overstimulation. Most tools and services on the market exist separately—without a unified purpose or explanation for why each part
and piece exist.

Luna is a comprehensive platform—a bedtime assistant that can help teach children healthy sleep habits at an early age; an arsenal of tools to aid in the process of developing healthy sleep habits for young children; and a community of specialists, parents, and caregivers that can answer any questions and be supportive throughout the process of sleep training.  Luna’s main component exists as an app, with the option to purchase custom sleep kits that contain tools to aid in the process of teaching children. Through Luna’s stories, children are taught how to take steps at nighttime to help them sleep and to establish good sleep hygiene.