Barbacoa is a Peruvian Barbecue restaurant located in Ardmore, PA. The restaurant caters to the locals with its rustic charm and dining atmosphere. The restaurant offers in-house dining as well as a full take-out menu, which offers the public the opportunity to dine at home or on the go. 

The restaurant lacks cohesive branding, so the decision was made to "amp up" what branding did exist and add a few new elements. To take food out of the restaurant, Barbacoa offers a generic styrofoam box in a generic "thank-you" plastic bag.

Sustainability is something I am passionate about, so I created a look for the restaurant that included a take-out box made of recycled materials as well as a handle wrap to replace a plastic bag. The menu continues this recycled material feeling with the addition of colors to the rooster pattern. Adding barbecue sauces to hypothetically sell at the Ardmore location was purely a decision I made on my own, because Barbacoa does not sell any sauces.

I also added a stamp to the branding, which was used in the design process. This can be used for anything else that requires Barbacoa's branding in the future.