Kijiji was created as a resource to educate individuals on the importance of saving animals from extinction. Although Kijiji is an elephant orphanage, the non-profit also helps other non-profits around the world to save other species of animals. The educational resource offers a donation gift for all donations over $150 which include an educational booklet on Kijiji and how humans can make an impact on elephants, as well as a reusable tote bag, snack bag, and stickers. Kijiji also strives to make humans environmentally conscious by offering the tote bag as a step in the right direction. 

As a part of Kijiji’s thank you to donors of the orphanage, a gala is hosted yearly on the premises of Kijiji’s grounds. Guests are invited to come for the day and tour the grounds while being educated about the elephants as well as why they are in need of help, while at night a dinner and dance follow.

I designed the logo to merge the word Kijiji with an elephant to create a brand that would be recognizable. The tote bag, while being sustainable, was also designed to be a conversation starter and be a marketing tool for the orphanage. Each piece was carefully designed, down to the tags, to be recognizable as the Kijiji brand and to be cohesive together.